Dreams of Blue

In a not-so-distant future, where technological advancement has surpassed the need for ethical behavior, two
scientists decide to activate an Artificial Intelligence (AI) bound to become a Singularity. “Dreams of Blue” explores what might happen inside the “mind” of an AI that becomes both self-aware and self-conscious and that reflects on the meaning of life purely on the basis of what she extrapolates from the Internet: no
significant human contact, no deep emotional connection, only a forcibly detached analysis of “the meaning of life” based on human history and human online interaction.

Year: 2017
Language: English
Country: Italy
Distribution: Hive Division – valentina.paggiarin@hivedivision.net

Cast & Credits

Director: Valentina Paggiarin
VR Supervisor: Eric Caretta
Dop/Editing: Mattia Gri
Production designer: Giacomo Talamini
VR App developer: Fabio Mosca
Music by: Luca Balboni
Sound design: Glenn Goa
Written by: Enrico Pasotti, Valentina Paggiarin

Storico & contatti

Sitges 2017,
VR Days,
Dubai Film Festival,
Milan Film Festival,
Sci-Fi London,
ShorTS Maremetraggio,
Guanajuato International Film Festivals